It can be a daunting and complicated process looking for your student home, here at Steel City Living we like to make things as simple as possible. 

The Renting Process

Find Property – Before you start your property search it is important as a group to agree on: Group Size, Budget and Preferred area

Property Application – You have viewed and found a house. It’s time to complete your application and pay deposits, and go through the security checks.

Tenancy – Your tenancy starts, time to collect your keys and move in. You will need to review your check-in inventory & if you have selected excluding bills set up your utility services.


How do we arrange a viewing?

If you have seen a property you want to view you can use the ‘book a viewing tab on our website, call 07384 252 558 or alternatively email

How much are the fees?

The Fees are £80.00 per person.

*upon successful application £50.00 per person of the fee will be converted towards your end of tenancy fee.**

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £200.00 per person

Is the deposit protected?

Yes your deposit is protected under the Custodial deposit protection with

We have viewed a house, and want it – how do we sign?

Signing for a property couldn’t be easier, simply locate the property on our website and click apply to begin the application process. At this stage you will be required to pay the administration fee. Once the security checks have come back clear you will be able to complete an e-sign of your contract online.

What is the contract we sign?

The student contracts are predominantly a 12 month contract starting from 1st July to 30th June. The contract will be a “Joint and Several Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement”. This means you are all jointly liable for the rent for all of the property.

Are bills included?

Within the property description itself you will see if the property is available as including or excluding bills. Most properties are including all of the bills.

Do we have to pay council tax?

Full time students are exempt from paying council tax. You will be required to provide a copy of your student exemption certificate.

Do we need a TV Licence?

If you are opting for bills included this will be covered for you. On a Joint contract you only require one license per property.

We have signed for a property what happens if one of us wants to leave the contract?

The contract is legally binding for the duration of the dates stated within the contract. You will have to find a replacement and this person must complete the application process and agree to sign the group tenancy. Additional charges may apply to produce a new contract.

Do we need contents insurance?

Although this is not a mandatory requirement, most tenants insure their personal belongings. We would be happy to provide you with recommendations of competitive insurance.

Do we need parking permits?

The majority of student areas have been made into ‘Parking Permit Only’ by the Sheffield City Council.  The council normally issue 2 permits per property along with visitor books. To find out more information please visit:

What if we want to renew our contract for another year?

If you want to stay in the property another year, please contact us as soon as possible. We will contact you in October to establish if this will be of interest.

Who is responsible for the smoke alarms?

The alarms are all tested at the beginning of your tenancy. It is the tenants responsibility to test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors fitted in the property. We recommend to do this on a monthly basis.

What happens if something breaks or stop working in the house?

We would love to say that things will never be wrong in the house, but on occasion these things happen. It is important to notify us straight away if you spot something isn’t working or is broken by emailing OR using our maintenance page (coming soon)

What are the additional charges as a tenant?

We understand accidents happen, however any damages to the property or the furnishings are your responsibility to pay for. It is really important to notify us straight away if anything has happened so we can get our maintenance team to come round and fix it. To give you an idea of the charges, here are some examples:

Excess Rubbish outside

Excess black bin bags and general waste in the garden


Fire Alarm Tampering

If fire alarm has been removed or a battery has been taken out. It is a breach of Health & Safety


Key Replacement

If you have lost your key and need a replacement. If this is out of hours, the out of hours call out charge also applies.


Out of Hours Call-Out Charge

(if this is not an emergency)


Bathroom blockages

(if this is due to blockages from hair or misuse)

From £100.00 (dependent on severity of damage)

Damages & Repairs

**Charges applied based on circumstances**