New Tenants

Key Collection

Your tenancy will usually start on 1st July. Please note that you DO NOT have to collect your keys on the first day of your contract, anytime after this date is absolutely fine. If you as a group are unable to collect your keys, please ensure the lead tenant is happy to meet us at the property to collect all of your keys and complete the check-in process. Please note all rent payments must have cleared before keys can be collected.

As it is a busy time of year we do have to offer a first come first serve appointments for key collections. This will commence from midday on 1st July. You need to book and make an appointment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Check-in Inspection

As a group you are all responsible for the house. We will send the designated lead tenant an online check-in inspection to check and sign that the house and furnishing is as detailed within the inspection report. This must be completed within 7 days of collecting the keys.

Utility Bills

If you are all inclusive, you can sit back and relax as we manage it all for you. If you are an exclusive group, you must make sure to set up all of your utility accounts (Water, Gas, Electric, TV Licence etc) as soon as possible. Delaying this process could risk you being faced with additional charges from the utility companies. We recommend adding all of the tenants names on the bill, to avoid any confusion to everyone paying their share You will receive requests to provide meter reads to the utility company. On your check-in we will show you the locations of the meters, generally speaking they are normally in the cellar. We recommend providing these readings 3 monthly. If not your bills maybe produced with an ‘estimated’ read and could result in you paying more, or less throughout the tenancy and result in a high bill at the final meter read.

Council Tax

If you are a student, we are happy to manage the council tax exemption process for you all you have to do is provide us with your Council Tax Exemption Certificate from your University. This is can be found on your university website once you have logged into your Student Record Page.

Property Information

In the property there is a House Guide, this will talk you through all of the information you need to know about your property. From using the central heating, to locating the stop cock. Please make sure you keep this in a place where everyone has access to it.


We have a dedicated maintenance team that readily available to assist with any issues. It is important to log your concerns, no matter how big or small so we can put things right. We know accidents happen, it is far better to be honest and let us know if something has happened, often things left can cause further damage and cost significantly more to put right.


You must be vigilant at all times not to leave doors unlocked or windows open unattended. Unfortunately, student areas can be a target for theft.


If you have a car, and the property is in a permit area, the council will provide 2 permits per household. You have to apply for this via the Sheffield City Council. For further information, please follow the link: